BB Cream For Women Of Color–Product Review

BB Cream (beauty balm or blemish balm) is like a tinted moisturizer but has other benefits to the skin. It was only sold in the Asian markets until recently hitting the U.S. by storm. Like many beauty products I find, many are not intended or marketed to women with darker complexions. There are not many BB Creams on the market for black women as there are for women with light to olive skinned toned across ethnicities. While there is Smashbox and Iman for black girls, I decided to put Maybelline to the test first!


Maybelline seemed off the back to match my tone correctly and was $9.00 dollars! Some of these creams can get really pricey. So nine bucks didn’t seem so bad. Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream is an 8 in 1 BB cream. It claims to blur imperfections, brighten your skin, enhance your skin, adjust to your skin tone, smooth, hydrate, contain SPF 30 and have 0 % in oils and other heavy ingredients in this product.

What I found by using it on my skin:

-brightens the skin
-adjusts to your skin tone
-gives you a dewy look
-acts as a primer for makeup

-can make your skin greasy (if you have oily proned skin)
-not much coverage
-may cause breakouts if prone to acne (based on my own use and reviews of others)

If you have acne prone skin, oily skin or get sporadic breakouts like myself, I personally would not recommend this product. I found that while it did smooth and give me that dewy natural look that I love (after using it as a primer and then put on mineral based makeup), as the day went on my face became oiler than usual and it caused breakouts on my cheeks and jaw line. Undeterred, I tried it again (two days in a row). It looked great in the morning, but come afternoon, I was greasy (used oil blotter sheets to handle that) and again found little bumps. I have to give this cream up or maybe use it as an under eye base (I have dark circles).

If you have normal to dry skin, I would recommend to try this. You could save yourself some money and get that look you want at half the cost!

After BB Cream application. Please keep in mind i am using Bare Minerals on top of it.

Until the next BB Cream trial!


You Got Me Walking On The Moon…

There is something off about these… But I like them! These shoes will give life to any plain ole dress, tunic, shirt dress or even jeans you may have in your closet. Hmmmmm, but where would I wear these? That is TBD.



Buy them here.

Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen (ha!)

Answering the Daily Prompt had me thinking about what I was like at sixteen! The question was: When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

When I was sixteen I was in my last year of high school, cut class to play spades in the lunchroom with my friends, became popular (but hated school), loved rock music, older men and became an adult way before my time.

I didn’t really think about what my life would really look like because I lived in the moment most of the time. I was sheltered for most of my teen life so I just wanted to LIVE! What my mom didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. I did know that I didn’t want to go straight to college. I hated school and just wanted a break! I either wanted to be an actress (I was in every play in elementary school and middle school– the lead roles), a writer (I love to write creatively and I did/do have a vivid imagination) or become a fashion designer (I can’t draw lol). I also cared too much what others thought of me and was a follower.

A picture of my life right now… I am a planner of everything I do (I was too free spirited after I graduated from high school). I hate surprises. I have a son and I am married (none of which ever crossed my mind at all in my teens or early 20’s– and not with the older guy). I never believed in happy endings. I ended up becoming nothing I thought I might of become. I don’t follow trends. I don’t care what others think of my choices and I move to the beat of my own drum. I still love rock music!

Everything that I have in my life I have because I took risks and truly because my husband took risks. He took a risk on me. Thank you babe! So I’d say my life turned out quite alright. I’m not 100 % happy with every choice I made as a teen, however, I learned from them. I did wind up going back to school and received a Bachelor’s in Psychology (the safe choice). My only regret was that I didn’t finish my Degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), so I went back and enrolled at FIT for a second degree in Fashion Merchandising Management. I start next week!

I’m a mom, a wife, a paralegal with a degree in psychology (yeah I know, totally all over the place) and now changing careers to do something that I love… I don’t miss the sixteen year old Melissa. I embrace the 20 something year old I see in the mirror right now. Living my life like its golden and hopefully taking you all along for the ride to see my dreams through.

What were you like at 16?

Target + Prabal Gurung

I think this has to be the first designer collaboration with Tar-Jay that I am actually excited about! What I love about this collection is the wearability, the clothing do not look cheap at all (because face it, some of Target’s other collabo’s weren’t the greatest), the shoes, clutches, colors and patterns and wellllll that its Prabal Gurung! Prices begin at $14.99 and go up to $49.99. However, the most expensive piece is a blue leather jacket at $199.99. Mark your calendars ladies because Feb 10th it’s coming to a Tar-Jay near you!

Here are my favorite picks from the collection:










You can see the full collection here.


I Thought I Was Over This Trend Until…

Ahhhhh! Jeffrey Campbell did it again. I am love, love, loving his cap toed shoes!!!!!!!!!!

Meet Don’t Even Platform-White Leather, can be purchased here.




Meet Bullet Platform Pump-Snow Leopard. Buy here.



Golden Globes Best, Worst & In Between.

The 2013 Golden Globes fashion, ummm, SNOOZE! I was so underwhelmed by the ladies. There were a few exceptions. Even the worst dressed had a chance to be best dressed.

Best Dressed
Jennifer Lopez! She just oozed glamour and Hollywood in Zuhair Murad.

Second place…. Nicole Richie in Naeem Khan! The color was absolutely beautiful. The makeup. Ugh, loved..


Honorable Mention for Best Dressed
Jessica Alba in Christian Dior and Lea Michele in Elie Saab. Jessica Alba’s dress was beautiful and fit her just lovely. That clutch was amazing! Yet it still couldn’t touch Jennifer Lopez’s top spot on my list. Lea’s dress was gorgeous so she has an honorable mention, but will someone please help her with her shoe game. It has been the worst since I can remember. Not to mention her tan. They say she faked and baked, she says its from her Hawaii vacation. You be the judge. Faux or For Real?



Worst Dressed
It’s a three way tie. Lucy Liu in Caroline Herrera, Olivia Munn in Giorgio Armani and James Bond’s wife, Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton. What a disaster. Lucy Liu, disaster! I just don’t get Olivia Munn’s dress… It so D-List actress from the necklace down to the shoes. And then Rachel Weisz’s mistake. What are you doing, you are sexy, show off that body. Leave that dress for Tina Fey!




Honorable Mention for Worst Dressed
Sienna Miller in Erdem. That dress cannot be forgiven. You can’t be forgiven for this. All wrong wrong wrong.. Still love you though.


I’m Underwhelmed
Very disappointed in Anne Hathaway. That Chanel dress was soooo matronly. Sigh.


Just Pretty in Nude
Megan Fox, Hayden Panettiere, Isla Fisher and Amy Adams





Images retrieved from huffingtonpost.com

New Years Pompadour!

It’s a new year and a new me! 2012 has brought me ups and down, surprises and disappointments. However, I expect 2013 to be better! Starting with that my little ole blog is going to be 1 years old soon and with my new look! Shaved and a pompadour??? How could I not resist?!




Now for my new year resolution:
1-Drink less
2-Spend less, save more.
3-Finish my degree in Fashion Merchandising @ FIT!
4-Get fit!

What are some of your resolutions?

Awesome Gift Idea

Fashion Cloners,

Not sure what to get the bestie or co-worker for Secret Santa/Christmas? Loooooving this Cynthia Rowley zip around, carry-all oversized wallet! On a Christmas gift hunt for my girlfriends, I saw this girl put it down. Hmmmm… A clutch I thought? Nope. A wallet. In desperate need of a new wallet (mine is so old and worn and beat the hell down) and having a $50 dollar gift card, scooped it right up. Thank you! TJ Maxx $40.00.


Fan of the nail design? Sally Hansen nail strips! $10 bucks. It’s really easy and simple to use. My only gripe is, they need more in between sized strips. My nail bed is wide so some didn’t cover my nail entirely. But nonetheless, big compliments on my nails the whole weekend and today at work!

So I say, get a clutch or a nice oversized wallet and pop in a box or two of these nail strips and call it a day. Super cute and budget friendly!

Frankenstorm Sandy- Not Forgotten

Thought I’d share this great film, shot by John Mattiuzzi, featuring Hurricane Sandy, coming in and leaving with a bang. On full display, idiots wanting to get blown by the wind (ahem– Billyburg residents) and how quickly things disintegrated. Those who were not in NY or NJ, this is what some of us, who were fortunate not to lose it all, experienced. I think it sums it all up. Great film John.

FRANKENSTORM: From Across The East River from John Mattiuzzi on Vimeo.