Merry Go Round Shoes

OMG. Going back to my Louis Vuitton Fashion Show obsession. I fell in love with the heels. Just gorge. At first, again, I felt like is this for me? For my age group?! Yes! Yes! Yes!! These would be sooooo cute with pastel skinnies or a nice spring dress. It’s so whimisical.

Not to mention the captoe look. LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE! Modern update to the classic pump!


Louis Vuitton A/W 2012/2013 Full Fashion Show

The Fashion Clone:

I reblogged this from a really cool blogger, the famous DJ Orator, and was blown away by his find! This full video from Louis Vuitton’s Runway Show was insane. The train that comes down the runway and the men holding the womens bags…. Thats how you play up chivalry and drama. My fave, Marc Jacobs’ modern take on the mary jane, the oxford pump and regular pump was to die for. The heels were so gorge!

I saw this show via a picture slide show a few weeks back and I have to say I wasnt impressed. But when I saw this 12 min video and got to see how the fabric moved, the bags glistened in the light  and the shoes, I changed my tune. Amazing show. And no I am not saying that because he had a train come down the runway. LOL.

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Louis Vuitton Train Reportedly Cost $8 Million

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